What Women Want from Men?


What exactly women want from men – larger penis?
A new study found that penis size is very much depending on the proportion of the body. The research found that taller men are more attractive than shorter men as they are likely to have bigger penis.

The study also suggests that males are having relatively big genitals for their body size due to women's preference for bigger penis. Based on article in the British Journal of Urology International, men are more concerned about their penis size in sex performance rather than women. Nonetheless, the study was only in questionnaire, thus it might not be completely true, but at least it gives us some idea.

Another study had being done to compensate this issue led  by Michael Jennions of Australian National University shows that women are more attractive to taller and high shoulder-to-hip ratios (when the shoulder is wider than the hips, men are more attractive to women) men. The results also show that women prefer larger penis at least 12cm when soft which is long for a normal men. Women's feature also affects their choices on men. Taller women are more likely to be attracted to taller men and vice versa.
Yup. That's me.
Ultimately, taller men with larger penis should be happy as they are what women want, and for men who feel they are somehow need to do something,  maybe this will help you. Proextender System.


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